Hi. I’m Shagnik.

Part-time thinker. Decaying writer. Natural asshole.

So, I don’t know how or why you chanced upon my blog. Maybe you lost your way. Maybe you thought there’d be porn here. You won’t get any judgement from me. I wish there was porn here, too. But we just can’t have good things. And that’s okay.

But every protagonist needs a backstory, so here’s mine: For the longest time, I didn’t want to write a blog. No point, I thought. Just putting myself out there for nobody to read, I thought. And that’s true. Nobody will give a single flying fuck one way or another. And that’s okay. I wouldn’t either.

I still don’t want to write a blog. Not really. Sounds pretty fucking difficult to me. But I’m doing it. I’m sitting down and doing something that I don’t particularly want to do. Whether that constitutes hard work, I don’t know. Couldn’t give a shit. But fuck me, it feels good when you surmount a barrier.

That’s what you get out of hard work. Satisfaction and, if you’re lucky, happiness.

The exact opposite of what you’ll get outta this blog. Here’s what you will be getting, though: anecdotes, swearing, musings, stories, analyses, more swearing, the odd review here and there, social commentary and other related things. Oh, and much more swearing.

So, if you’re still here with me, I commend your patience. And  if you choose to stay for some weird ass reason, well, good luck.